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Books by Werner Reichhold


Landzeichen I
1980, Stahlplastik/Landschaft. Kunsthalle Hamburg. Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven

Landzeichen II
1982, Staatliche Landesbildstelle Hamburg. Photomontagen Stahlplastik/Landschaft

1986, Arbeiten aus den Jahren 1975-1985, Installationen, Stahl, Holz, Papier. Zeichnungen

1989, AHA Books, 100 pages, 7: 9". The book contains 51 installations and drawings plus text, haiku and kanji. Winner of Haiku Society of America Merit Book Award.
1989, AHA Books, 172 pages, 8,5:11", 95 haiku, 25 installations, 16 drawings, 10 collages, 6 photographs, poems.

Bridge of Voices
1990, AHA Books, 142 pages, 8,5: 11". Haiku sequences, tanka and renga (partly translated into French, German, Italian, Hebrew and Arabic). 29 collages, installations and drawings.

1991, AHA Books, 11:17". The book contains haiku, tanka, free-verse and dialogues. A multi media show with collages, installations, photo-collages and poetry.

Layers of Content
1993, AHA Books, 5,5:8,5". The book contains fifty-two haiku sequences and mixed genres with an introduction by Kevin Bailey, Editor of the magazine Haiku Quarterly, England.

In The Presence
by Jane Reichhold and Werner Reichhold, 1998, AHA Books, 5,5:8,5". The book contains tanka sequences by Jane Reichhold and Werner Reichhold. The book is dedicated to the Imperial Family of Japan, Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, Crown Prince Naruhito and Princess Masako, in celebration of the invitation to the New Year's Poetry Reading (Utakai Hajime) at the Imperial Court on January 14th, 1998.

On the Internet:
AHA Books Online

1995, Fifteen poems, including haiku, tanka sequences and ghazals.
1996, inter-genre poetry: Prose and haiku, prose and tanka - sijo sequence and prose, free verse, dialogue, tanka and haiku - ghazal, haiku and tanka - Six Portraits - two Plays. Symbiotic Poetry: alternately written prose, haiku and tanka together with Jane Reichhold.
1998,  Twelve free verse poems

2007, inter-genre poetry (Sequences in English)

2007, Inter/Genre Poesie (Sequences in German)